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Central Helsinki is rather compact and can be explored by foot by energetic visitors. A combination of walking and public transportation might be most convenient to cover the sights in Helsinki. HSL provides the successful Journey planner, an intermodal journey planner for public transport of greater metropolitan area of Helsinki free of charge and free of ads ever since 2001. Also cycling route finding is provided by the Journey Planner.

HSL is leading the work on an implementation of the routefinder with copyleft code and open data (interchange) standards. The latest demo can be seen at and it has location awareness and map service as of 2015. The Single ticket allows you to travel by almost any local public transportation method (buses, trains, trams, metro, Suomenlinna ferry) within the boundaries of Helsinki. The Regional ticket covers almost any public transportation method within the boundaries of Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo and Kauniainen. However, if you purchase a Tram ticket, you are allowed to travel only by tram. All tickets allow unlimited transfers within their validity periods and regions. Children under 7 travel free, while tickets for children under 16 are half price.