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Kotiharjun sauna Harjutorinkatu 1. This is the last wood burning public sauna in Helsinki. Separate saunas for men and women. There’s a good chance you’ll find a top level chess match in the dressing room. Don’t miss cooling off outside, especially in winter. On Saturdays you’ll find bachelor partiers (Kotiharju is pretty near to Kallio’s nightlife). €12 for adults, students & pensioners €8.5, towel €3 extra.

Sauna Hermanni, Hämeentie Founded in 1953 and recently renovated in that style (with some added flair), Hermanni is an excellent public sauna. It has an electric heater – an awesome massive cage holding 300kg rocks. Really fun to pour water on. Small tunnelesque room creates powerful löyly (steam). Soft drinks and snacks available. Separate saunas for men and women. Relax in change room or outside at garden table. There’s a hammock near the table – use it if you can. Very easy to reach with tram 6 or 8, the stop (Hauhon puisto) is right outside. Open from Monday to Saturday – so it’s your best option on a Monday. Mon-Fri 3-8pm, Sat 2-7pm. Sauna is open for bathing one hour past closing time. €10 for adults, students €8.

Yrjönkadun Uimahalli Yrjönkatu 21b in Helsinki, across from the Torni Hotel, an art-deco bath house with three types of saunas and a swimming pool. Take a sauna and swim in the nude. There are separate days for women and men. Bathing suits are not banned, but almost everyone goes without one. Men’s swimming days are: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; Women’s days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. 1st Floor €5.00 (or €5.40 with a lockable stall or ‘cabin’), 2nd Floor €14. The second floor includes access to a steam sauna and a wood-heated sauna, as well as a café.