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Kaiservilla, Leharvilla (museum), drinking hall (1829), spa house (1873), salt mines (show mine) just outside the city Glöcklerlauf, Tourism Bad Ischl Auböckplatz 5, ☎ +43 (6132) 27757-0 ( ) .

The name “Glöckler” comes from “klocken” (= knocking) and refers to older Heischebräuche with masks. Every year in the last night of the night, the night from the 5th to the 6th of January, Bad Ischl takes place at nightfall. The “Glöckler” move in white garments from the surrounding villages to the city center and in the localities from house to house. Decorated with their elaborate, brightly illuminated glitter caps, the Glöckler come out of the darkness of the night. They are the light- makers who (according to ancient pagan belief) defeat darkness and coldness by light and warmth. The salvation and the blessings of good spirits shall be won, and the evil spirits of darkness shall be driven out. The sound of the bells, and the rhythm of their steps, shall awaken the grain which is under the snow-cover, and make it grow. The Glöckler run in so-called passions to each about 20 persons. The forerunner, with his wooden stick, is a sign of the figures to be run, such as the eighth and the circle, both symbols for infinity and eternal return.

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