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Citadelle fortress: was built by Henri Christophe, a former, slave and a key leader during Haitian

evolution. He created the policy of forced labor, which enabled him to built a network of forts and

chateaux in a semi-paranoid attempt to fend off a future attack from the french.Sans souci palace:

Completed in 1913, was Henri Christophe's first palace where were held opulent feasts and dances. Its

gradior was indented to prove to Europeans the abilities and culture of the black people. Sadly it stood

only 30 years, reduced to ruins by 1842 earthquake. Beaches: There are no beaches directly in the city. If

you are hankering for a breath of sea air, take a walk along the Boulevard, a wide road along the

waterfront, boasting the abovementioned restaurants Lake and Coquillage and the hotel Auberge du

Picolet.Slightly further away are the parasitic beaches of Labadie. To get there, take a motorcycle taxi to

the Labadie boat launch, and then a short ferry ride to the village. The historic park: created in 1978, its

home to Citadelle la ferriere, sans souci palace, the parish church and the milot chapel. Pick up a

souvenir for your friends and family since plenty of craft sellers will offer you that special gift just right

for you.