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The best way to get around Cap Haitian is walking. The city is historic district doesn’t

have much traffic, and people are very friendly. It is easy to orient yourself in Cap.Taxi:Taxi from the

airport should not cost more than 10$ U.S. Motorcycle: inside cap Haitian, you can walk almost

everywhere but motorcycle taxis are a dime dozen and will get you out to Milot or Labadie for cheap,

and back to your hotel from your restaurant if it is late and you are not in the mood to walk. Tap-tap: They

get a bit crowded and they like to blare kompa music, but it is probably the most typically Haitian thing

you will have done on your whole trip. Flight: The flight takes about 30 minutes and the planes are small

and may at times be overbooked, Haiti is not known for smooth travel. When you leave Cap Haitian back

to Port -au -prince, don’t forget to look out your window as you fly over the mountains. It’s breathtaking

sight. You can catch a glimpse of Citadelle fortress from above.