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Casino action dominates the night. The newest with the most imaginative decor is the Casino Ocean world. A well-recommended way to experience the charms of this place involves booking a place on the “Ocean World Magical Nights,”. The Playa Dorado Hotel complex contains about 15 hotels, some of which have dance clubs that welcome anyone, guest or not, into their confines.

The hands-down most entertaining dance club at Playa Dorado, the one that everyone says is the most animated and raucous, is Mangú, Playa Dorado.Mangú’s most visible competitor is the Roadway Western Bar and Mix Grill, in the Playa Dorado Plaza. Set within a simulated recreation of a log cabin, on the back side of the resort’s busiest shopping center, its walls are outfitted with campy slogans like “Gringos are forever.” A final contender for the nightlife circuit in Puerto Plata is Crazy Moon, adjacent to the lobby of the Paradise Hotel. Though not as sweepingly popular as either Mangú or the Roadway Bar, it can be a lot of fun, and the music is always danceable.