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Le papillon: Chef is masterful with the preparation of the dishes. The food is excellent and more than enough, with a reasonable price. The value for the cost is extraordinary. The restaurant is clean, the service is personalized as Chef is the Host, Bartender, Server and Chef.

Los tress Cocos: No doubt Los Tress Cocoas Is a wonderful place to eat while in Puerto Plata.Los Tress Cocoas should be your first choice in the Puerto Plata area. The decor is an assortment of tropical effects that comes off well.

Marres restaurant and lounge: Do just drive by Mares or let the surrounding fool you, stop in and you’ll be amazed, inside it’s wall is a home that’s been in their family since the early 1900s, there is a beautiful garden where all their spices are grown, a working artist gallery, a Ballet school, lounge, store and balcony restaurant. It offers a unique combination of classy, quiet and cool combined with friendly attentive service and, most importantly, terrific food.