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La Romana is one of the largest cities in the DR.Early history: la Romana was born in 1897 when congress awarded a grant to a Cuban company to establish an oil refinery. la Romana used to be a poor city and a promising future was not in sight. Its future changed in 1917 when larges mill was built to arrow more sugar cane plantations around the city, which was welcomed by Dominicans who moved to the town in search for a better life. Middle history: In 1960 Gulf and Western industries, an American company, bought the sugar mill. Gulf and Western invested many millions to rebuilt schools, clinics and to create housing for their workers. During the 70’s , the American company began to sell its interest elsewhere in the DR and concentrated on the development of Casa de Campo. Recent history: The city continues to grow, the international airport which received most of the country’s private flight, was recently remodeled. The tourist Pier has opened and welcomed cruise ships traveling around the Caribbean. Today, Romana attracts international tourists, due to the magnificent offshore islands, the breath-taking turquoise water and the extensive array of attractions.