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Jarabacoa is not a big city with flashy entertainment however you can enjoy this beautiful countryside by having a 1 days suggested itinerary by visiting the city’s highlights. Go to Santiago which is home to the countries best cigar factories. You can witness how cigars are being hand made. Ceramic are also popular here since they offer unusual faceless dolls being a great souvenir. You can either travel by horseback or by jeep as you make your own the Jarabacoa waterfalls, on the way pass through some of the most beautiful landscapes before you travel by foot across the hanging bridge that swings above the running river.

Take the opportunity to cool off a bit and swim in the natural clear waters. BY that time you may have built up a good appetite. Enjoy a Dominican style buffet lunch served ar Rancho Baguettes. You will learn about the unforgettable culture and Dominican hospitality with the elegance of nature. You will understand why visitors have baptized Jarabacoa as “the city of everlasting spring”.