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Ecotourism Barahona: It offers good day trips to Bahía de Las Aquila’s, Isla Cabritos, Laguna Oviedo and Cachóte, among others. It also offers a handful of day hikes in the hills around Paraíso, and can organize one-day and multiday horseback-riding tours.

Los Patos: Playa Los Patios , a pretty white-stone beach, and its adjacent balneario , are idyllic traveler finds. The water here flows clear and cool out of the mountainside, forming a shallow lagoon before running into the ocean. Small shacks serve good, reasonably priced food and cold curves, making this an easy place to kill a day.

South Aruba-tank dive experience: Experience Aruba on this 2-tank Certified diving adventure. Aruba is known for unforgettable scuba dive experiences. It has a nice range of dive spots, reefs, ship wrecks and even plane wrecks for divers.