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Ziplines: This adventure will guide through the tropical. forests. You will pass right over a pristine rive and the scenery is breath taking.

Bahia de las guiles: Accessed maily by boat, this almost three-mile long white sand beach with crystal clear waters provides a striking contrast with the lush greenery of the Bahorucco mountain range although both are located within the Aragua national park. It is part go Jaragua-Bahoruco- entiquillo reserve. This protected beach has no hotels or restaurants and it show cases the same flora and fauna that existed even before the Spanish settlers arrived.

Enriquillo: You take a boat trip across enriquillo lake to Isla Cabritos which is below the sea level. You will get the chance to swim in a freshwater river near the lake and to see crocodiles, flamingos and iguanas.

Laguna Rincon: This is a birdlife paradise near the collage of Cabral. The lagoon has a wide variety of birds that can be seen during the boat trip. You will be brought later on to visit the magnetic pole area followed by a lunch at a private villa in a sub tropical forest setting with natural water pool,Casa Miriam. End by visiting San Rafael beach and the los pathos beach which will round out the experience.