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Scooter and car rental: To travel around the island, it is best to rent a car or a scooter. The road are flat and easy to navigate. Most hotels can help visitors to rent scooters.

Taxi:You can travel short distances’ by taxi or if you are adventurous, try the public bus system.

Car rental: If you don’t plan to leave Freeport, you can get around in Taxi but if you intend to check out the rest of the Grand Bahama it is strongly suggested to rent a car. An international driving license makes it convenient to rent a car in the Bahamas.

Buses and coaches: the bus public system comprises a number of minibuses and is slow. Buses can be practical if you are travelling on a direct route, such as downtown Freeport to the international Bazaar.

Taxis: Taxi on Grand Bahama should use a meter. The government sets the rates, which are pretty high by most standards.

Boats and ferries: Cruise line runs a daily ship between Fort Lauderdale and Grand Bahama. It lasts 5 hours and is reasonably priced.