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Early History: Its history began as recently as 1955. Before its foundation, the city was a pine forest. Businessman Wallace Groves established the community as a popular gateway and business hub. Freeport eventually grew to become the Grand Bahama island capital. About 4,000 lucayans lived on Grand Bahama at the time of Christopher Columbus’s 1692 voyage but very few survived after the rapid and ruthless Spanish colonization. The Spanish quickly enslaved and send the Lucayans away from Grand Bahama after claiming it in 1492. However, they showed little interest in their newly founded colony. Both privateers and pirates became regular visitors to Freeport after the Bahamas fell under British rule in 1670.

MIddle history: Control over the pirates was gained in the early part of 18th century which les Grand Bahama to enjoy a more peaceful and relax existence during the next couple of centuries.

Recent history: Despite Grand Bahamas’s close proximity to the U.S, it was the least developed Bahamian island until Wallace Grove altered the history of Freeport by developing the area as an alternative to Cuba for American tourists in 1955. Today the city welcomes many visitors on an annual basis.