Aarhus, Denmark



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Århus offers an elegant mix of cosmopolitan city and quaint small town charm, with wonderful pubs, restaurants and romantic places. The average age of its inhabitants is among the lowest in Europe. This is mainly because of the large student population.

Some interesting facts:

There are many plans for highrise buildings in Århus, including the future tallest building in Denmark (Lighthouse -142 meters [466 feet]). Århus is part of the East Jutland Metropolitan area, which has the fastest growing population in Denmark, by far. Århus has a big, well known cultural festival week, called "Århus Festuge" (Århus Festival Week). Aarhus has for many years been known as a breeding ground for Danish musicians and bands, primarily in main stream pop and rock music.

Aarhus is known as The City of Smiles (da. Smilets By). It probably just started as a slogan to improve the city's image, but it has nevertheless caught on, and has for many years been a common nickname for the city. Aarhus is also known as The City of Cafés – visit the city and you will soon know why.