Aarhus, Denmark



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As a tourist, you may be looking for Aarhus Souvenirs, but they can be hard to find. The department stores do not have specific souvenir sections, and there is no real city tourist office with souvenirs (there is some information at DOKK1, but no shop where you can buy souvenirs to bring home).

The main attractions tend to have attraction specific souvenirs, but to find Aarhus Souvenirs, your best bet is to go to a bookshop, “”Svend A. Larsen”” [62]] at Sønder Allé 4 close to the town hall. Online you can also go to “”Urban Code”” [63], who specializes in Aarhus Souvenirs.

“The Latin Quarter” – so called by the locals – is the shopping district north of Store Torv between Guldsmedgade and Mejlgade. Here you will find the small ‘independent’ shops and some of the city’s oldest cafés. If you’re in the city in the beginning of May, your trip may coincide with Mejlgade for Mangfoldighed, a 1-day street party in Mejlgade.