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Finland, in long form the Republic of Finland, Finnish Suomi and Suomen tasavalta in Swedish Finland and Republiken Finland, is a state of northern European member of the EU since 1995. Finland is washed by the Baltic Sea , specifically in the Gulf of Bothnia to the west and by the Gulf of Finland south. Its territory extends on both sides of the Arctic Circle in the eastern part of Fennoscandia , making it a Nordic country entirely outside the Scandinavia . Composed of more than 3000 lakes and countless islands, including those of the archipelago autonomous of Åland , it occupies a surface total of 338,145 square kilometers between Russia to the east, Norway to the north and Sweden northwest, making it the fifth largest country in the European Union.

This geographical area subject to a climate rigorous during winter is mainly an area of taiga , the 5.3 million people that identifies the national demographics giving the country the lowest density of the entire European Union, and One of the lowest in the world. Mainly settled in the south of the country, especially on the coast south, where the capital, Helsinki, but also other municipalities most populated, namely Espoo and Vantaa , which are grouped in the Capital Region and “Grand Helsinki “, the Finns have two official languages , the Finnish and Swedish.


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