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Heredia is a city in the Heredia province of Costa Rica, of which it is the capital; it is 10 kilometers to the north of the country's capital, San José.

Heredia is a university town in Costa Rica in the San Jose metro area. The town itself is unexceptional but friendly.You can easily walk most places in Heredia, or take a cab ride which will cost less than 1,000 Colones. In the middle of Heredia downtown there is the central park.

The town’s central square (parque central) is adorable and charming, and contains most of the city’s landmarks. Many shops and restaurants line this square, as well as many college students and romantics.

  • The Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción, built in 1797, is the focal point.
  • To the north, El Fortín is the last remaining tower of a Spanish fortress and the symbol of Heredia, though it is closed to the public. It was built in 1876 by the then president Tomas Guardia. In 1974 this monument was declared a National Symbol and property of the Heredia town.
  • The old Post Office,Palacio Municipal, and Argentine School give a glimpse of how the city looked back in its heyday.
  • The historic Casa de la Culture, once home of Costa Rican president Alfredo Gonzáles Flores, give periodic rotations of art and music.
  • To the east, the freestanding facade of a demolished building stands in front of what is apparently a parking lot.
  • A block south-east of the park is the Iglesia del Carmen.


    Buses from Heredia go out to all sorts of small nearby mountain towns. In particular there is a bus to the town of Barva, ten minutes north. Barva is small and cute, but it has a river with gorgeous waterfalls and swimming holes. The bus route to Barva ends at the central plaza facing the church. If you face the church you will see one street running directly in front of the church. Walk to the left of the church and follow the first road to the left after the one that runs in front of the church. Follow this road for a quarter of mile and you will run into a playground, to the left of it there will be a trail going down to the river, follow this trail upstream for half a mile and you will find a eight foot waterfall with a nice swimming hole and rocks that get great sun. There are more waterfalls and beautiful swimming holes further up the river, but the trail only goes so far. Enjoy


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