Cartago,Costa Rica



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Cartago is a city in Costa Rica. It is the former capital.There are many buses running between San Jose and Cartago. For c300 you will be able to catch a bus downtown or most anyplace along Av 2. They run every 15 minutes. “Indirect” buses from San Isidro de El General to San Jose stop on the outskirts of Cartago next to a stop for local buses.

Good Friday Procession A massive spectical beginning with the Romans marching into the city early in the morning arriving in the center of town around 9AM. They arrive at the church and then carry Christ off around 10am taking a long rout to the Bacilica.

Romero Starting the end of July some 1.5 million people WALK to the Bacilica in Cartago to honor the Black Virgin. Streets are filled, traffic redirected, vendors are out in force. Final day of the walk is 2 August (see above for the legend).


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