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Santiago de los Caballeros or simply Santiago is a city in the Dominican Republic. The buildings are old and classic Caribbean Spanish style. It is the second biggest city in the country. It covers 2,836.51 km² and a population of 908,250 people. It is an inland part of the country with no beaches surrounding the area.

Get in

  • By Plane: You can get into Santiago by plane, to the Santiago Municipal (STI) at the Aeropuerto Internacional del Cibao.

There are direct flights from New York (JFK) by Delta Airlines, and JetBlue. From Miami (Fort Lauderdale) by Spirit Air and American Airlines from Miami International Airport (MIA) There is a direct flight on Jet Blue to Boston (BOS) and San Juan (SJU). Also if you are in South America there is a direct flight from Panama (PTY) by Copa Airlines. Air Turks & Caicos have a direct flight from Providenciales (PLS) and connection to Nassau (NAS), Bahamas.

  • By bus: You can come to Santiago from another part of the country using bus services such as Caribe Tours which offers low prices when compared to the price of renting a car or using a taxi.

Stay safe

The Centro Historico clears out after dark and it is not smart to be there. The western half (La Joya, Gurabito, Cienfuegos, etc.) of the city is generally poorer and rougher than the eastern half, but it is unlikely that any travelers would end up there.

Beware of purse-snatchers and pick pockets when walking around. It is important not to wear gold jewelry because it could make you become an easy target to be mugged. Be careful when revealing expensive phones in public, it has become more common for people to be mugged of their electronic. Dress simple as much as possible, you will stand out too much if you are dressed in a fancy way.

Caucasian tourists should be alarmed that they could be easy targets to be mugged, also be careful of insincere people who may try to befriend you to get money out of you. In such cases it is better to travel with a tour guide who can help you avoid these situations.

Get out

  • Cibao International Airport – this is the third largest airport in the country and the best way out of Santiago if you are an international traveler. Beware that during the winter time flights to New York and Boston often get delayed or cancelled do to snow storms so bring some reading materials in case your flight is delayed. When flights are cancelled the airline will book you in a hotel near the airport.

Make sure that you are not bringing back to your home country any items that are banned by customs because they will get thrown out if they are found in your luggage. The airport has a cafe if you walk up the stairs that has a good view of the runway, but do not spend too much time there because going through customs can take a long time.

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