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Hurghada is a resort town on the Red Sea Coast of Egypt.


Hurghada was once a fairly small and unimposing fishing village, located next to the Red Sea and boasting a number of superb beaches. Today, the resort of Hurghada is almost unrecognizable from its past life and has grown to become the most visited tourist destination in the whole of Egypt, with more than 100 different hotels, many of which line the shoreline. Famous for its superb diving opportunities, Hurghada is especially appealing to those with little experience of scuba diving, who come to marvel at the underwater reefs and awesome marine life. Tourism is now a huge part of Hurghada and each year, many tourists choose to combine their holiday here with visits to other prominent locations along the Nile Valley, including the relatively nearby city of Luxor.

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By plane

Most major airlines in Europe and the Middle East can fly you straight to Hurghada International Airport (IATA: HRG) without having to stop in Cairo. Prices depend on the time of the booking and the airline. As you enter the airport building, you will see a big sign saying “Visa 25USD”. You will be ushered towards a stand where you must buy the visa for 25 Euro (over 30USD). You can easily avoid this by going to the ‘National Bank Of Egypt’ stand in the same hall and presenting your passport, along with exactly 25 US dollars, to the attendant. He will give you the visa and you will be done in half the time, for half the price.

If you are in Cairo, you can also fly to Hurghada on Egypt Air Express (subsidiary of Egypt Air) or Nile Air, which is now servicing domestic locations in Egypt. Prices vary: 400-900 Egyptian pounds depending on the season and how early you book your tickets.

From Sharm el-Sheikh you can fly with Egypt Air for about 450-550 LE (the trip takes about 1 hour).

By bus

From Cairo: trip takes about 7 hours, depending on the operator. Good operators are Super Jet and Go Bus; avoid MCV Co. Prices range from 50 to 150LE for a one way ticket and buses will leave about every hour. (Feb 2012)

From Alexandria: 2 daily buses. One is operated by Upper Egypt and leaves at 18:30, arriving in Hurghada around 4:30 the next morning. This is not ideal as you will find the city asleep and it is very hard to get a taxi this early. The second bus, operated by Super Jet, will leave around 20:30 and arrive around 6:30 in the morning. Prices are around 90-100LE for a one way trip. (Feb 2012)

From Luxor: about 4-5h by Super Jet bus or longer by Upper Egypt. Super Jet runs twice daily and Upper Egypt has more frequent buses.

From Aswan: 2 daily buses, both operated by Upper Egypt. The first one leaves at 15:30, the second leaves at 17:30. The trip takes at least 8 hours, meaning you will arrive in Hurghada after midnight. Prices are around 50-55LE. (Feb 2012)

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